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The ECTU University Hospital r.d. Isar Munich is a maximum treatment university hospital of approx. 30 clinics and departments and around 1.000 beds that covers the entire spectrum of modern medicine. The clinical core area “cancer” has a long and successful history in both the clinical field as well as in research. Together with the hospital in Großhadern, the Klinikum was certified as a Comprehensive Cancer Center (CCC) by the German Cancer Aid society in 2014.

In addition to highly modern technical equipment and the use of innovative and promising methods, there are currently 70 ongoing clinical studies in different indication areas being conducted by the ECTU Munich, Klinikum rechts der Isar, in collaboration with numerous partners. These studies test the efficacy, compatibility and safety of new treatments and compounds in accordance with strict regulations, thereby contributing significantly to the advancement of new, innovative treatment approaches for patients. In the course of this, we concentrate on phase I and II clinical trials.

The phase I unit is located in the outpatient sector of the III. Medizinische Klinik and also has rooms in the hematologic and oncologic station of the clinic. In the future, the clinic will also be used by other departments in the hospital.

  • Decades of experience in conducting early clinical trials and international randomized studies
  • An established quality management system
  • GCP-trained trial team with many years’ of experience in early phase trials
  • DIN ISO-certified staff that takes care of the patients
The ECTU University Hospital r.d. Isar Munich has:

  • A mobile monitoring system in the inpatient sector that makes it possible to monitor the patients without interruption during the study phases
  • An outpatient sector à medical briefings and consultations, physical examinations, ECG, ultrasound
  • Work stations for monitors, auditors and inspectors
  • Our own specialized hematology laboratory
  • Department of Nuclear Medicine: Innovative, multimodal imaging techniques, such as PET-CT and PET-MRT as well as a cyclotron to produce radionuclides, a radiopharmaceutical (GMP-conform) production lab, a dedicated animal PET / CT scanner and an MR tomograph
  • A pharmacological laboratory that is responsible for processing and analyzing blood samples for the studies
  • An Institute of Pathology with highly specialized and professional diagnostics in the areas of histopathology, cytopathology, and molecular pathology
  • Close cooperation with the Interdisciplinary Centre for Cell Therapy in Munich (TUMCells)
  • Cooperation with national and international study groups ((GLSG, AML-SG, German MDS study group, AIO, IELSG, EORTC)

PD Dr Sylvie Lorenzen
phone: +49 89 4140-7706
Fax: +49 89 4140-4879

ECTU University Hospital r. d. Isar Munich
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